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LiveLitigation offers two primary products:

  • eSuite for live streaming Video, Realtime and Exhibits
  • LocalRealtime for Court Reporters streaming Realtime in the room.

The articles linked below contain both text and video tutorials to help guide the various participants in LiveLitigation events.

If you are not a eSuite or LocalRealtime client and would like more information about these services, please call our Sales Department at 818-783-4311 ext 2.


Hosts (Case Managers)

Role: You are a Court Reporting Agency who provides Video and Realtime LiveLitigation Events. You have access to a LiveLitigation account to create online events.

Images/home/1.png How to Create, Edit and Moderate LiveLitigation Events.

Stream Manager (Court Reporters and Videographers)

Role: You are invited by the Court Reporting Agency to stream video and/or realtime transcript, for an online LiveLitigation Event.

Images/home/2.png How to connect to the LiveLitigation Event and turn on your camera.

Images/home/3.png How to download and use StenoDirectPlus.

Attendees (Attorneys and Law Firms)

Role: You are attending a LiveLitigation Event remotely from your home or office, and viewing a video and/or realtime stream.

Images/home/11.png How to Login to Dashboard, the portal for managing LiveLitigation events and Exhibit files.

Images/home/5.png How to use LiveLitigation video and realtime features from a PC or Mac computer.

Images/home/6.png How to use LiveLitigation video and realtime features from an iPad, iPhone, or Android tablet.

Images/home/7.png How to use ElectronicExhibits during a LiveLitigation event.


Role: You are Court Reporter using a LiveLitigation router.

Images/home/8.png How to use the LiveLitigation router to stream Realtime in the room.

Images/home/9.png How to view LocalRealtime from a PC or Mac computer.

Images/home/10.png How to view LocalRealtime from an iPad, iPhone, or Android tablet.