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This article contains written and visual instructions for using LiveLitigation iPad edition to attend a eSuite event.

  • Each section below contains a written description and a short video example.
    • The Full Video Tutorial with narration is also available here:

Download LiveLitigation App

The App can be downloaded from:


To join the LiveLitigation stream:

  • Open your Email Invitation. If you did not receive an invitation, contact the Agency providing the service.
  • Tap the link Join: [Case Name - Witness]
  • Tap Ready to Join
  • Tap Open in LiveLitigation at the prompt.


Alternate - If you do not have access to your email on the device:

  • Open the LiveLitigation App
  • Tap Remote
  • Enter your unique 12-digit Key (e.g. "abcdef123456")
  • Confirm your name, and Tap Connect.



To activate your device's webcam:

  • Tap the Camera icon.
  • Choose the Front or Back camera.
  • Note: Other parties that turn on their camera will appear alongside yours.
    • To focus on the video, Tap the Fullscreen icon to hide other elements.



Note: Most depositions utilize a Conference Call for audio.

Please refer to your Email Invitation for Call-In Number and Access Code.

If the deposition is not using a Conference Call, you can use VOIP audio via your device's microphone.

  • Plug in a pair of headphones or earbuds to prevent any echo/feedback.
  • Tap the Microphone icon to turn on your microphone.
    • Microphone sensitivty is set to 50% by default.
      • If the other parties hear you at low volume, use the slider carefully to increase mic volume.



You can chat with your entire group, or privately with individuals.

  • Tap the Chat icon.
  • Enter text in the Group Chat.
    • Tap an individual's name to chat privately with them.
  • Notifications will appear when a member of your group sends a chat message.



To Highlight a line and mark it for later review:

  • Tap anywhere on a line to Highlight.
  • Tap the line again to remove the Highlight.


Highlight Report

To view a collection of all the highlighted lines:

  • Tap the icon for the Highlight Report.
    • Use the dial to set the number of lines Before and After each highlight.
    • Tap the Clear button to clear all highlights.



To change the indexing view:

  • Tap the # icon to cycle between views.
  • Available views:
    • Time Stamps
    • Page / Line Numbers
    • None


Font Size

To change the size of the Realtime text:

  • Tap the Aa icon.
  • Use the slider to adjust the size.
  • Tap Auto to return to the default size.


Auto Scroll

Auto Scroll is ON by default:

  • Auto Scroll is disabled automatically when manually scrolling the transcript.
  • Tap the Auto Scroll icon to enable and follow the live feed.


Keyword Search

To search the transcript by keyword:

  • Tap the Magnifying Glass icon.
  • Tap the Keyword field, and enter at least 4 characters.
  • Select a search result from the box below.
  • Further down, select a location where the term appears in the transcript.
    • Keywords found in the transcript are outlined in Grey.
    • Keywords can be highlighted by tapping the line.


Save Transcript

To save a copy of the Realtime Transcript:

  • Tap the Save icon.
  • Tap Ok.
  • Once saved, you can continue the session, or exit. The transcript will be saved again automatically upon exit.
    • Saved Depositions can be accessed from the main menu.


Export Transcript

To access a Saved Transcript, from the main menu:

  • Tap Depos, and select the file you wish to export from the list.
  • Tap Load.
  • Tap the Save icon.
  • Choose the file type you wish to export:
    • HTML: can be opened and viewed in a web browser and other apps.
    • PTF: can be opened and viewed in LiveNote.
    • RTF: can be opened and viewed in most apps.
  • From the Share Action Sheet, choose a compatible app on your device to open or share the transcript.


Exhibit Files

To view any Shared or Submitted Files that belong to this deposition:

  • Tap Exhibit Files.
  • Tap the selector icon to cycle through:
    • Shared Files: Files uploaded to this deposition by you or another member of your Group.
    • Submitted Files: Exhibits that have been submitted during this deposition.
    • My Files: All of the files you have stored on the LiveLitigation server.
      • See MyCal for more information on managing files.


Start Exhibit

To introduce an Exhibit and make it visible on the screens of all other participants:

  • Tap Start Exhibit.
    • Change the name of Exhibit if desired.
    • Give markup control to other users if desired.
    • Atp Start Now to begin.



When an Exhibit is Started by a deposition participant:

  • The Exhibit will appear and hide the Video and Realtime sections.
  • Any markup made by other participants will appear live.
  • The markup tools will appear on the right for users with markup permission.
  • Markup Tools:
    • Move: with this selected you can pinch to zoom and pan around on the Exhibit.
    • Select: tap and drag a bounding box around markup to select it.
      • While selected, markup can be moved, resized, or deleted.
    • Line: draw straight lines and arrows.
    • Pencil: freeform draw anywhere on the Exhibit.
    • Text: add a text field and use the keyboard to enter text on the Exhibit.
    • Circle: simple preset for drawing an even circle around elements on the Exhibit.
    • Highlight: simple preset for drawing a highlight over any part of the Exhibit.


Stamp Exhibit

To place a stamp on the Exhibit:

  • Tap Exhibit Options.
  • Tap Stamp.
  • You can customize the text content and color of the stamp.
  • Stamps can be resized and positioned anywhere on the document.


Submit Exhibit

To save a copy of the Exhibit including all current stamps and markup:

  • Tap Exhibit Options.
  • Tap Submit.


Download Exhibits

To download a copy of a Shared or Submitted File:

  • Tap Exhibit Files.
  • Select a File.
  • Tap Save.


Export Exhibits

To view or export a copy of a Saved File:

  • Tap Files.
  • Select a File.
  • Tap Export.


Technical Specifications

For IT departments and personnel:

Click Here for Technical Specifications

  • Minimum System Requirements
  • Security
  • Internet Bandwidth Requirements
  • Cookie Handling
  • Firewall Rules
  • Hostnames and IP Addresses