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ElectronicExhibits allows you to upload and introduce documents during a LiveLitigation stream.

  • Supported File Types for Exhibits: PDF, PNG, JPG
  • Max Pages Per Document: 500.
  • Max File Size Per Document: 50 MB.
  • Max Files Per Batch Upload: 25.
    • No more than 25 documents can be uploaded in a single batch. You can upload as many batches as necessary to add all of your files.
    • PDF Documents cannot exceed 500 pages in length.
    • Documents in .DOC, .XLS or other formats should be converted to PDF prior to upload.
    • Large files/multi-page documents will take longer to process.

Click below for a Video Tutorial, or read on for a written/illustrated description of each feature.


To begin, Join a LiveLitigation.com stream. See below for instructions on joining.

Exhibit Files

Click the icon for Exhibit Files in the application bar.

The Exhibit Files window opens to the Shared Files view, and several functions can be performed from here:

  • Shared Files - The list of files that have been Uploaded and Shared, by you and other members of your team.
  • My Files - Shows all files that you have previously uploaded.
  • Submitted Files - All Submitted Exhibits are collected here, and may be be previewed or exhibited again. NOTE: These files can also be downloaded or added to 'My Files' from the MyCal portal.
  • Search - Filter the list of files shown by entering text.
  • Upload and Share - Select one or more files from your computer to Upload. Files uploaded are shared with other members of your group. Group members can Preview and Exhibit, and can also Download or Save to 'My Files' from the MyCal portal.
  • Unshare - Any file you have uploaded can be made private and not shared with other members of your group. When you Unshare a file, it is no longer visible in the list of Shared Files. You can still Preview or Exhibit this file from the 'My Files' section.
  • Preview - You can privately view any document in the list by selecting it, and clicking Preview.
  • Exhibit - Present, Markup, Stamp, and Submit any file as an Exhibit.


Upload and Share

  • Click the Upload icon.
  • Choose a PDF, PNG, or JPG file(s) from your computer.
  • The file(s) will upload and appear in the Shared Files list.


Open Exhibit

  • Select a file from the list.
  • Click Exhibit
  • The document opens in 'Preview Mode', in which only you can see the file.

The following features are available on the Exhibit window:

  • Start Exhibit - Begins the 'Follow Me' mode, which opens the document on the screen's of all participants.
  • Stamp Exhibit - The reporter or the introducing attorney can place a Stamp with the date, title, and other details, anywhere on the document.
  • Submit Exhibit - Saves a new copy of this document with all current markup, and makes it availble for others to download from the Submitted Files section.
  • Exhibit Log - Shows the history of interaction on this document during the current session.
  • Users Allowed to Mark Up - Check the box next to the name of another user to give them permission to markup the document and change pages.
  • Cursor Tool - Select markup to move, resize, copy, or delete.
  • Line Tool - Click and drag to place straight lines, or arrows. Width, Color and Opacity can be customized.
  • Draw Tool - Click and drag to freely draw on the document. Width, Color, and Opacity can be customized.
  • Text Tool - Click and drag to place a text box anywhere on the document. Font, Style, Weight, and Size can be customized.
  • Circle Tool - Click and drag to position a circle anywhere on the document. Line, Fill, Width, Color and Opacity can be customized.
  • Highlight Tool - Click and drag to position a partially opaque rectangle. Line, Fill, Width, Color and Opacity can be customized.
  • Clear Markup - Permanently removes all markup from the current page of the document.
  • Rotate - Click the directional icons at the bottom of the Exhibit window to rotate the document.


Start Exhibit

  • Click Start Exhibit to make the document visible to all other participants.



  • Select any of the tools, and click and drag to create markup.
  • Check the box next to a User's name to Give/Revoke Markup controls.


Stamp Exhibit

  • Click Stamp Exhibit.
    • Click anywhere on the document to place a Stamp.
    • Edit the details and color as necessary.
    • Use the grabber buttons to resize or reposition the Stamp.


Submit Exhibit

  • Click Submit Exhibit to finalize the document, and save a new file to the Submitted Files section.
  • All current Markup and Stamps are embedded into the new saved document.


Download Exhibits

  • Navigate to the Submitted Files window to view the list of Exhibits that have been submitted.
  • Select any file and Click Download.
  • Choose a location and save the file to your computer.


Switch Layout

  • Click the Switch Layout icon to cycle through the available views.
  • Exhibits, Realtime, and Video windows can be rearranged to a preferred layout.


Technical Specifications

For IT departments and personnel:

Click Here for Technical Specifications

  • Minimum System Requirements
  • Security
  • Internet Bandwidth Requirements
  • Cookie Handling
  • Firewall Rules
  • Hostnames and IP Addresses