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LiveLitigation is capable of using Adobe's Flash Media Live Encoder to provide both video and audio to your Video Deposition. This article will explain how to get Flash Media Live Encoder and how to use it with LiveLitigation.

Downloading Flash Media Live Encoder

For Windows -

For Mac -

Note: To install this application on macOS 10.7 - 10.11, follow these steps.

Note: This application cannot be installed on macOS 10.12 or newer.

Using FMLE

Open FMLE and you'll see the window below.

  • Select the video capture device.
  • Select the audio capture device (if applicable)


Join LiveLitigation

Once you've set up FMLE, find your email invitation with Audio / Video Instructions. Join the deposition by clicking on the link.

  • Enter your Display Name.
  • Enter your Password from the email invitation.
  • Allow camera and microphone access.
    • If you're using Google Chrome, make sure you also hit Allow in the top right. For more information and troubleshooting with Chrome, click here


Click on the button that reads, Click To Activate

  • Select Use FMLE Stream


A new window will open with instructions.

  • Click Download Profile and save this file somewhere easily accessible.
  • Optionally: copy and paste the FMS details directly.


  • Click File in the top left (Note: This will look a bit different if you're using a Mac)
  • Click Open Profile
    • Find the .XML file you saved from the previous step and open it in FMLE.

FMLE 1.png

  • You will now have information populated on the right hand side under Stream to Flash Media Server

FMLE 3.png

  • Click the green Start button at the bottom to get the feed into LiveLitigation.
  • For the best performance, FMLE needs to be program in focus.

If you've followed all of these steps correctly, you will see the FMLE feed in LiveLitigation.