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System Requirements and Materials

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating system with .NET Framework 3.5+ installed.
  • Active CAT software with Realtime output capability.
  • Stenography machine connected via cable or bluetooth.
  • LocalRealtime License purchased with a LiveLitigation router.

Downloading & Installing RealtimeConnect

LocalRealtime Configuration

  • Open RealtimeConnect from the icon on your desktop.


  • The First Time Setup window will appear, which displays an abbreviated set of instructions.
  • Click OK to dismiss the window.


Register RealtimeConnect

  • Click Registration Required.


  • Copy your Request ID and email it to support@livelitigation.com
  • You will receive your license key via email.
  • Enter (or copy and paste) the 16 digit key into the four boxes, and Click Register.
  • You can now select LocalRealtime on the main window.


Configure Input Settings

Choose Format:

  • Select either Bridge or Caseview.
  • COM Port displayed should be used in your CAT Software (default COM 21).
    • NOTE: If COM 21 is already in use on your computer, RealtimeConnect will substitute the next available port.


CAT Software Setup

Open your CAT software and configure the Output as follows:

We recommend using the Bridge format (with BAUD Rate 38400). If your CAT software does not support Bridge, you must use the Caseview format.

  • Protocol:
    • Bridge (38400 BAUD rate)
    • Caseview (2400 BAUD rate)
  • Port:
    • COM 21

Select your CAT software from the list below for detailed instructions:


  • Open the User Settings window.
  • Select the Realtime tab.
  • Output formats: Click Add.
  • Choose Bridge/LawBridge/TeleView.
  • Comm device: COM port
  • Click Setup >>
  • Port: COM 21
  • BAUD rate: 38K


  • Open Translate Window.
  • Set Output To: Caseview.
  • Click Options.
  • Select Output to CaseView tab.
  • Check Ouput over comm port.
  • Select COM 21.
  • Click Apply.


  • Select Options > CIC....
  • Set Primary Output to COM 21.
  • Set BAUD rate to 38400.
  • Check Use Bridge Protocol.
  • Select Tools > CIC > Start Session.


  • Select Tools > User Preferences
  • Select Realtime tab.
  • Select Add Output.
  • Select Serial Connection / Show All Ports
  • Select COM 21.
  • Set BAUD rate to 38400.
  • Set Output Type: Bridge
  • Select File > New > Start Realtime...


  • Select Setup > Realtime Options...
  • Set Output: Caseview.
  • Click Setup.
  • Set Port: COM 21.
  • Select Realtime > Start Realtime.


  • Select Realtime Output
  • Set Output 1 to Bridge.
  • Set COM Port: 21.
  • Set BAUD rate: 38400.


  • Open the Realtime Preferences.
  • Select the Workstation tab.
  • Set Port assigned to counsel: 21.
  • Set BAUD rate: 38400.
  • Set Protocol: Bridge

Realtime Indicator

When writing in your file, the Data I/O indicator will increase in number.

This indicates that steno data is being successfully sent from your CAT Software to RealtimeConnect.


Connect The Router

Connect the LiveLitigation router to your computer:

  • Connect the included Ethernet cable to the LAN port on the router.
  • Connect the included USB cable to the Power port on the router.
  • Connect both cables to available ports on your computer.
    • Note: If your computer is not equipped with an Ethernet port, you may use an Ethernet-to-USB adapter. If you need additional USB ports, you may also use a powered USB hub.


If your Router appears different from the above, expand the section below for additional images.

2nd Generation LocalRealtime Router:

Images/stenodirectplus/newRouter-1.png Images/stenodirectplus/newRouter-2.png

When connected properly, your setup should look similar to the image below:


1st Generation LocalRealtime Router:


NOTE: Close RealtimeConnect before connecting your router.

  • Connect the router to your computer via the included Ethernet cable.
  • Use the Blue router port #1, and the ethernet port on your computer.
  • Connect the router to power.

NOTE: If you wish to remain connected to the Internet while streaming LocalRealtime:

  • Hardwire your router's Internet/WAN port to an Internet source via Ethernet.

- OR -

  • Connect your computer to a WiFi network with Internet access.


In RealtimeConnect, the IP Address will update to display a 10.10.10.xx address.


Start LocalRealtime Session

  • With the router connected, you will see a Realtime IP Address of 10.10.10.xx.
  • Set a Password for the session.
  • Set a Transcript Order Code.
  • Click Connect.


  • When Local Connected appears under Current Activity, you are ready connect viewing devices.


Connecting Viewing Devices

Click Here for Viewing on a Mobile Device (iPad, Kindle, Android Tablet).


Click Here for Viewing on a PC or Mac Computer


Using LiveNote, Bridge, CaseviewNet, etc.

To use 3rd party litigation software, See: Using LiveDepoRelay

Providing Both Local and Remote Streaming

Streaming Local and Remote requires use of the Local router and an Internet connection.

Click to expand the options below for a diagram of proper Remocal setup.

Option A - Enable WiFi:

  1. Connect your computer to the Local router via Ethernet cable (LAN).
  2. Connect your computer to a Wi-Fi Network w/ Internet access.
  3. Ensure Enable WiFi is selected in RealtimeConnect.

Option B - Hardwire Router:

  1. Connect your computer to the Local router via Ethernet cable (LAN).
  2. Connect the Local router to an Internet source (router, switch, or modem) via Ethernet cable (WAN).


Troubleshooting FAQ

Coming soon.

Please Note: Firewall ports may need to be opened at the actual facility where the deposition is taking place if you are streaming remotely.

  • Firewall Ports: TCP 1935, 80, 443.

If you experience issues connecting or have any other technical support related questions please contact LiveLitigation Support

Website www.livelitigation.com Email support@livelitigation.com Phone +1 (888) 337-6411 ext 1