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Attending a LiveLitigation Event From a PC or Mac Computer

Click below for a Video Tutorial, or read on for written / illustrated instructions.

Join A Litigation Event

To join the LiveLitigation stream:

  • Click the Join: link in your email invitation.
  • Enter your Key.
  • Click Next.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/1-join.gif

Call In To The Conference Line

To listen to the Audio of the Litigation Event:

  • Call in to the Conference Call Number given in the Litigation Event room.
  • Enter your Attendee Code followed by the # sign when prompted.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/2-call.gif


To chat with other members of your Group:

  • Click to open the Chat Window.
  • Enter text to message your team.
    • If Private Chat is enabled, you can select a member's name to chat with them privately.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/3-chat.gif


To view a list of connected participants:

  • Click the Attendees icon.
  • A dropdown list will display all attendees organized by Group.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/4-attendees.gif


If a live video feed of the Witness is being provided, their image will appear on the screen.

To activate your Web Cam on your PC:

  • Click the Camera icon.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/5-video.gif


If no conference call is provided, audio will be heard through the computer.

To activate your Microphone on your PC:

  • Click the Microphone icon.
    • Red = Muted
    • Green = Active
  • The adjacent icon to the right of the Microphone indicates the microphone sensativity.
    • Ensure this is set to medium level.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/6-voip.gif


If the Court Reporter is providing a Realtime Transcript, the live feed will scroll automatically.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/7-realtime.gif


To Highlight a line of the transcript:

  • Click anywhere on a line.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/8-highlights.gif

Highlight Report

To view all of the Highlighted lines:

  • Click the Highlight Report icon.
  • Adjust the number of lines Before / After the highlighted line to add context.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/9-report.gif


To add a Note to a Highlighted Line:

  • Click Add Note next to the line:
    • Enter text.
    • Click the check mark to save the Note.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/10-notes.gif


  • Click Export to save a copy of Highlight Report or Entire Transcript.
    • Highlight Report - can be saved as .TXT, or copied to clipboard.
    • Entire Transcript - can be saved as .HTML, .PTF, or .RTF.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/11-export.gif

Keyword Search

To search for a term in the transcript:

  • Click the Keyword field.
  • Enter a text to search.
  • Select a search result from the list.
  • Click a location to jump to that line in the transcript.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/12-search.gif


To change the indexing view:

  • Click the # symbol to cycle between:
    • Time Stamps
    • Page/Line Numbers
    • None

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/13-indexing.gif

Auto Scroll

Auto Scroll is ON by default, and disabled when manually scrolling through the transcript.

  • Click the Auto Scroll icon to resume following the live feed.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/14-scrolling.gif


Open the Exhibit Files window.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/15-exhibits.gif


To add new Exhibits from your computer:

  • Click the Upload icon.
  • Select 1 or more files from your computer.
      • Supported: PDF, PNG, JPG.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/16-upload.gif

Start Exhibit

To introduce an Exhibit to all other particpants:

  • Select a file from the list.
  • Click Exhibit.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/17-exhibit.gif

The Exhibit opens in Preview Mode. To present this file to all other participants:

  • Click Start Exhibit.
  • The Exhibit is now open on the screens of all other participants.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/18-start.gif


To annotate or draw on the Exhibit:

  • Click any of the markup tools, and click and drag to create markup.
  • Select users from the list to give them the ability to markup the Exhibit.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/19-markup.gif

Stamp Exhibit

  • Click Stamp Exhibit.
    • Click anywhere on the document to place a Stamp.
    • Edit the details and color as necessary.
    • Use the grabber buttons to resize or reposition the Stamp.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/20-stamp.gif

Submit Exhibit

  • Click Submit Exhibit to finalize the document, and save a new file to the Submitted Files section.
  • All current Markup and Stamps are embedded into the new saved document.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/21-submit.gif

Download Exhibit

  • Select any file and Click Download.
  • Choose a location and save the file to your computer.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/22-download.gif

Switch Layout

To change the positioning of the Video, Realtime, and Exhibits windows:

  • Click the Switch Layout icon.
  • Continue clicking to cycle through the available layouts.

Images/remoterealtime/new attendonpc/23-switch.gif

For additional instructuions on using Exhibits, See ElectronicExhibits

Technical Specifications

For IT departments and personnel:

Click Here for Technical Specifications

  • Minimum System Requirements
  • Security
  • Internet Bandwidth Requirements
  • Cookie Handling
  • Firewall Rules
  • Hostnames and IP Addresses