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System Requirements and Materials

  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista - 32-bit & 64-bit operating systems.
  • Active CAT software with Realtime output capability.
  • Stenography machine connected via cable or bluetooth.
  • LocalRealtime features require a License Key purchased with a LiveLitigation router.
  • RemoteRealtime streaming requires Internet access.

Downloading & Installing StenoDirectPlus

  • Download StenoDirectPlus from this link:
    • Note that each web browser has a slightly different method for downloading files from the Internet. For example, some web browsers will ask if the downloaded file is "trusted". Whatever the case, click "Yes" when prompted and/or "Run" when necessary.
  • Click Next to Continue Installing StenoDirectPlus
  • Accept The Terms in the License Agreement and Click Install. This may take a few minutes.
  • Click Finish and the installation is now complete.

RemoteRealtime Configuration

Follow this configuration if you have received a Stream Manager e-mail invitation, and will be streaming Realtime over the internet to attendees.

  • Open StenoDirectPlus from the icon on your desktop.


Configure Input Settings:

  • Select either Caseview or Bridge. This must match the Output format in your CAT software.
  • Select Virtual port.
  • Select Auto Setup.
  • Click Save.


Open the Virtual COM Port:

  • Click 'Open COM'.
  • A COM port will be given, ie. COM 21.

Images/stenodirectplus/sdp-2.png Images/stenodirectplus/sdp-3.png

Connect to

  • Click Connect under the RemoteRealtime section.
  • Enter your 12-digit Key, and Click Submit.
  • Connected will appear in green when a succesful connection is made to the server.

Images/stenodirectplus/sdp-4.png Images/stenodirectplus/sdp-5.png

CAT Software Setup

Configure your CAT Software:

  • Open your CAT software and configure the output to match the Protocol and COM Port in StenoDirectPlus.
  • Caseview@2400 or Bridge@38400.

Select your CAT software from the list below for setup instructions:


  • Open the User Settings window.
  • Select the Realtime tab.
  • Output formats: Click Add.
  • Choose Bridge/LawBridge/TeleView.
  • Comm device: COM port
  • Click Setup >>
  • Port: COM 21
  • BAUD rate: 38K


  • Open Translate Window.
  • Set Output To: Caseview.
  • Click Options.
  • Select Output to CaseView tab.
  • Check Ouput over comm port.
  • Select COM 21.
  • Click Apply.


  • Select Options > CIC....
  • Set Primary Output to COM 21.
  • Set BAUD rate to 38400.
  • Check Use Bridge Protocol.
  • Select Tools > CIC > Start Session.


  • Select Tools > User Preferences
  • Select Realtime tab.
  • Select Add Output.
  • Select Serial Connection / Show All Ports
  • Select COM 21.
  • Set BAUD rate to 38400.
  • Set Output Type: Bridge
  • Select File > New > Start Realtime...


  • Select Setup > Realtime Options...
  • Set Output: Caseview.
  • Click Setup.
  • Set Port: COM 21.
  • Select Realtime > Start Realtime.


  • Select Realtime Output
  • Set Output 1 to Bridge.
  • Set COM Port: 21.
  • Set BAUD rate: 38400.


  • Open the Realtime Preferences.
  • Select the Workstation tab.
  • Set Port assigned to counsel: 21.
  • Set BAUD rate: 38400.
  • Set Protocol: Bridge

Realtime Indicator

When writing in your file, the Data I/O indicator will increase in number, indicating that steno data is successfully being sent from your CAT software to StenoDirectPlus via COM 21.


Troubleshooting FAQ

  • Q: When clicking Open COM, an error message is received, Unable to Open COM.
  • A: StenoDirectPlus may be already open. Restart your computer, and then reopen StenoDirectPlus.

  • Q: What is my Display Name?
  • A: When connecting to a remote stream, your Display Name indicates your presence in the deposition to the Moderator and other Stream Managers. This can be the default csr, or any other name you choose such as your first and last name, or simply court reporter.

  • Q: When connecting RemoteRealtime, I receive an error: Unable to Validate Key. Please check your network connection.
  • A: Ensure that you are connected to the Internet.

  • Q: Under LocalRealtime, I see an IP Address of 192.168.x.x, or 2001:x.x.x, or anything other than an address that begins with 10.10.10.x (ie.
  • A: StenoDirectPlus has not recognized a connection to your LocalRealtime router. Close StenoDirectPlus and reopen. If you still do not see the correct IP Address, ensure that the ethernet cable is properly connected to your computer, and to the BLUE port #1 on the router. Disable WiFi connections before opening StenoDirectPlus. If the above methods do not resolve this issue, the LAN port on your computer may be disabled.

  • Q: Data I/O is not increasing when I type on my writer.
  • A: Verify the COM port is OPEN in StenoDirectPlus. Now open your CAT software, and configure your Output. Your output protocol (Caseview or Bridge) must match your selection in StenoDirectPlus. Your BAUD rate for that protocol must one of the following: Caseview@2400 OR Bridge@38400. Finally your CAT software must be outputting over a COM port (may be listed as Serial port). The COM port to choose in your CAT software will be the COM port given by StenoDirectPlus. If you believe you have followed these steps correctly, ensure that you open StenoDirectPlus first, Open the COM port, and then open your CAT software. StenoDirectPlus must be opened first, for your CAT software to properly recognize it.

Please Note: Firewall ports may need to be opened at the actual facility where the deposition is taking place if you are streaming remotely.

  • Firewall Ports: TCP 1935, 80, 443.

Technical Specifications

For IT departments and personnel:

Click Here for Technical Specifications

  • Minimum System Requirements
  • Security
  • Internet Bandwidth Requirements
  • Cookie Handling
  • Firewall Rules
  • Hostnames and IP Addresses