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Click below for a Video Tutorial, or read on for a written/illustrated description of each feature.

Connect WiFi to the Router

Connect the computer to the "LIVEDEPO" WiFi network by picking the appropriate wireless router.

  • In all cases, the court reporter's wireless network name is "LIVEDEPO" followed by a unique set of five numbers. [Example: LIVEDEPO43740]
  • Use the router-defined password of "deposition" (no quotes) to complete the connection.



Open a Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome)



To highlight lines of text for later review:

  • Click anywhere on a line to place a highlight.
  • Click the icon for the Realtime Highlight Report to view a collection of highlighted lines.


Highlight Report

To view a collection of Highlighted lines:

  • Click the icon for the Realtime Highlight Report.
    • Click to add more lines before and after each highlight.
    • Click to add notes to any highlighted line.


Save Transcript

To save a copy of the Entire Transcript or Highlight Report:

  • Click the icon for the Realtime Highlight Report.
  • Enter the Transcript Order Code (provided by the Court Reporter)
  • Click Export.
  • Select Entire Transcript or Highlight Report.
  • Select a file format to save.
    • HTML - save as a web page.
    • RTF - save as a rich text document.
    • PTF - save as a portable transcript file, compatible with LiveNote, Bridge, etc.


Keyword Search

To search for key terms in the transcript:

  • Click the magnifying glass icon to show/hide the Keyword panel.
  • Enter a word in the search field.
  • Select a search result.
  • Select a line of the transcript where the term appears.
    • Note: Auto Scroll is disabled when navigating through search results.


Indexing Views

To change the indexing view:

  • Click the symbols that reference the indexing views to toggle between.
  • Available views include:
    • Time Stamps (default)
    • Page/Line Numbers
    • None


Page Navigation / Auto Scroll

To navigate through the transcript:

  • Scroll with your mouse wheel, or drag the scrollbar.
  • Click the arrow icons to jump through pages.
  • Enter a specific page number in the navigation field.
    • Note: manual navigation/scrolling will disable Auto Scroll.
      • Click the Auto Scroll icon to follow the live transcript.


Using LiveNote, Bridge, CaseviewNet, etc.

To use 3rd party litigation software, See: Using LiveDepoRelay

If you experience issues connecting or have any other technical support related questions please contact Support

Website Email Phone +1 (888) 337-6411 ext 1